Saturday, September 22, 2012

2nd Scan Went Well!

Second scan the wallaby poop measured 8 weeks exactly and was moving around like a crazy thing! Heartbeat measured 169bpm.

It was great to see but right here (from 8 weeks) is where it has always gone bad for me previously. Last 2 missed miscarriages were 8 weeks 3 days and 8 weeks 5 days. I wont pretend I'm not nervous.

As I write this I am at 8 weeks 4 days and I feel fine. This is bad because fine means no nausea or sickness, and that can mean a whole host of things, most of which are not good news... we will see.

I didn't like the new doc at all. He blew off my history like I told him I'd had the flu a few times and wouldn't give me another scan in a week (something all previous docs have done with my history always being shaky in these weeks).

Frankly, if I did miscarry on the LMWH - Clexane - (Lovenox to the Americans) and baby aspirin I'm taking, it could cause all kinds of hemorrhaging problems, apparently he's not too concerned about that.

I am looking for (another!) Doctor. If this goes ahead I want to trust and like my Doc, its as simple as that. I want to feel like they have my back, aren't just doing a job. I don't feel that with him.

Hubby has visions of us ending up like Katherine Hiegal on Knocked Up - searching the world for the 'perfect' OBGYN and ending up with the hideous one we started with!

I laughed - momentarily.

And so we wait.


  1. Yay!! Such an awesome feeling to see that little baby with a happily beating heart on the ultrasound. It is so hard not to think the worst all the time though. I hope you can find that perfect OB! I have had some stinkers but think I finally found one I will stick with. Now let's get on with this first trimester...we can do this!!

  2. That is great news on the baby. Sure hope you find a doctor that works for you. I have never had a problem but I imagine it is the worst when your worried and they don't listen.good luck

  3. Hope everything is going well. I nominated you for the liebster award.